Major Courses

MUS 115 Theory I

MUS 117 Theory II

MUS 250 Music In World Cultures

MUS 251 Music History I

MUS 252 Music History II

MUS 323 Music History III

MUS 340 Intro Recording Techniq

MUS 365 Legal Issues in the Arts

MUS 496 Music Admin Internship

MUS electives 300 or 400

MUA 010 Convocation(5 semesters)

MUA applied 100 level (2 semesters)

MUA applied 200 level (2 semesters)

MUA ensembles (4 semesters)

The major in music with the arts administration concentration requires the successful completion of 12 hours from the following courses outside the major:

ARH 252 Survey of Art I

ARH 253 Survey Of Art II

ARH 254 Survey Of Art III

MUS 315 Mus Mgt Activity

MUS 427 Studies In Special Lit

MUS 490 Fundrasing Dev Arts

MUS 461 History/Lit of Jazz TH 114 Intro To The Theatre

PHL 291 Aesthetics

UH 210 Honors Fine Arts

MUS 326 Arts Venues Mgt

MUS 407 Marketing the Arts

Required Minor

This major requires the completion of a minor in general business, entrepreneurship, management or world business.